David Mougel

Full stack Web Developer and Graphic Designer


Hello. I am David Mougel, 27 years old. I am a senior full stack web developer and a graphic designer. I work as a freelancer with an experience in a few companies: web agencies and a service start-up. You can see examples of projects I worked on. If you have a question or a project you’re working on, contact me.

I also invite you to visit my LinkedIn profile and, if you’re interested by technical stuff, my GitHub account, with some of my public projects which will give you an overview of my coding style.


Development: PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis.
Experience with high traffic websites.
Integration: HTML 5, CSS 3 (with or without precompilers – Stylus, LESS, SASS), Responsive design.
Frameworks and CMS: Symfony2, Laravel, jQuery, Backbone.js, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc.
UX, Graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator).



Development, Graphic design, Start-up

Allmyapps is an app manager and a download platform, available on Windows, with more than 3 billions registered users. I worked in this start-up during 3 years as web developer (ca 80%) and UX/UI designer (ca 20%).

As developer inside a team of 4-5 developers, I worked on both sides: server (PHP 5, Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, cache) and client (web and Webkit-based software).


Development, Freelance

I worked on two major projects with the casinos leader Partouche: a website about the event Partouche Poker Tour, and a CMS which is used to manage all the websites of the Partouche casinos and hotels.

I was freelancer on these projects, and I designed all the techical part – technologic choices, database structure, etc. – and I developped and integrated the website and CMS.


Development, Freelance

I developed several marketing websites and contests for BIC, as freelancer.

Each website was based on a self-made framework, in PHP 5.3 / MySQL. Some are available on smartphones and tablets (responsive design).


Development, Freelance

I worked as freelancer on a marketing contest, Tasting Days by Glenfiddich.

Development based on a self-made framework (PHP 5.3), and adapted to the existing environment, using SQL Server.


Development, Freelance

As a freelancer, I worked on the website Prim’Actions, by Primagaz, based on WordPress.

Thierry Mugler

Development, Web agency

When I was working at Concentré Production (a web agency into Paris), I developped on the website « Les Ateliers Parfums par Thierry Mugler », a commercial website based on Magento, with a lot of graphic features.

Princesse tam.tam

Development, Emailing, Web agency

When I was working at Concentré Production (a web agency into Paris), I worked on a lot of projects with the lingerie shop « Princesse tam.tam » (main website features, emailings, websites of commercial operations, etc.).

BBC France

Development, Graphic design, Web agency

When I was working at Concentré Production (a web agency into Paris), I worked on the graphical and development refactoring of the website of the french entity of BBC. This website was based on Spip (a french CMS).


You can contact me about projects you are working on, or about any other information.

Email: contact@davidmougel.com.

Skype name: davidmougel.

We can also be in touch through LinkedIn or Viadeo.